At Progressive Strength we offer a unique, fun, and results based training approach that is built around the principle of simplicity.  Our philosophy, when it comes to nutrition and training is to cut out all the things that give you little return for your efforts and only focus on the big rocks that quantify your results for the amount of time invested.


Here at P/S, we offer group personal training sessions which has you moving in many different ways to increase strength, control and movement efficacy. Our modality of choice is utilising your bodyweight via Gymnastic rings, P-barz and the floor to create an athletic and hard body that performs just as good as it looks.  Don’t be fooled, just because we are minimal and simplistic in our approach doesn’t mean our sessions are easy, you will be challenged on both a mental and physical level through smart program design and world class coaching that will see you train both safely yet effectively.


Thanks to our ‘Tier Movement System’, we can cater for the elite athlete and average joe in the same session without taking away from your training experience and offer a diverse array of classes to suit most goals and lifestyles.


If this sounds like it has ignited a flame inside you to learn more, there is only one way to know if our training style is right for you and that is to come in and trial a free class, you never know, P/S could be the thing you’ve been waiting for!



We believe you should have as much control of your body as possible, after all, you live in it! So, via predominant use and manipulation of bodyweight exercises along with various tools we can create and enchance strength, flexibility, movement quality and body control to allow you to be more athletic, more flexible and to release you from being trapped by your body. There are many people that are strong inside
the gym, however when it comes time to moving the body in various ways it becomes extremely chellenging for them and may even result in injury due to not having the required attributes to allow them to do so. Our mission is to get your strong moving your body first and foremost which will then transfer to anything you want or need to lift with greater effiency.


Consisting of 3 types of sessions: SILVERBACK, STAMPEDE & THE JUNGLE, we have you working Strength, Mobility, Core, Stamina, Cardio, Work Capacity & Flexibility.  Each type of session has a different emphasis, here is the breakdown:

Within our Silverback sessions you’ll work different bodyweight skills using the gymnastic rings, bars, P-bars & the floor, and also work on Strength, Mobility/Flexibility to ensure you are strong, look strong and are capable of moving well.  This class is designed to build real world usable strength as well as increase lean, bulk free muscle to give you an athletic and lean look.

STAMPEDE –  A high intensity session meshing strength movements with conditioning movements to increase your work capacity, muscular endurance & conditioning.  In this class you’ll blast through fat and ensure your capable of working hard and endlessly no matter if your competing in the ring or simply moving house.

THE JUNGLE – This class will increase your cardio, stamina and mental toughness.  The combination of animal & cardio movements at a moderate intensity for a long period of time will ingrain mental toughness as well as increase your cardiac output and stamina to ensure you can run a marathon without actually running a marathon.


Mini Muscles is a kids self defence/martial arts program witch mixes in elements of FIT PLAY, JUNGLE YOGA, AND MARTIAL ARTS. Mini Muscles caters for kids between the age of 4 and 12 and ensures they learn how to defend themselves whilst also having fun and increasing attributes such as gross motor skills, flexibility, motor control, body awareness, strength and fitness etc.  for more about Mini Muscles check out www.minimuscles.com.au


We are very proud to be affiliated with the internationally recognised company Gold Medal Bodies. GMB is one of a kind program offering gymnastic and bodyweight based movements in an accessible and progressive way for the adult and general population. This class is popular among Crossfit trainers and trainees wanting to increase gymnastic strength and movement quality and also for people wanting to have fun with more skill based training instead of chasing sets and reps. You’ll gain strength, body control, movement quality and flexibility.


Inspired from our TWISTED classes Mummy Meltdown is a female only class designed to get mums back to their pre-baby bodies and beyond

box-onBOX ON

Fitness boxing done the right way. We offer real boxing technique and drills mixed in with bodyweight movements to increase endurance, fitness and conditioning. These classes are high intensity and will ensure your dripping in sweat by the end of the session. Popular among people wanting to increase endurance for combat sports, people wanting to learn boxing but not take it too seriously and people that want to drop body fat and increase general fitness


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JUNIOR HEAD COACH Junior started his fitness journey over 10 years ago and has been using his passion to help people move, look and be better with the predominant use of bodyweight strength training. His philosophy is simple and is reflected in the P/S motto – ‘TrainToPlay’, which simply means if what you do in the gym doesn’t enhance what you do outside of the gym then what is the point in training. Junior has spent over 20 years training in martial arts (muai thai, kickboxing and boxing) and is the director of Progressive Strength, Lead Trainer of the International based GMB Fitness, Director of GMB Fitness Australia and is also the director of the kids fitness and self defense company Mini Muscles. Junior pulls knowledge from his vast experience to deliver programs and classes that are fun, different, challenging and results driven and is constantly learning and expanding his knowledge to deliver the best service possible./span>
OWEN COACH Owen has been working at Progressive Strength for just over 2 years and the thing he most enjoys about being a trainer with Junior is the atmosphere every time he enters the gym. Not only do all members work hard and have a good time, they expect to get their butt kicked and enjoy every minute! His belief is that the challenges that exist in the programming from week to week make them suitable for everyone with varying levels of health and fitness experience. Apart from training at Progressive Strength, Owen works as a Secondary education teacher at Brisbane State High and works for a few rugby teams as a Strength and Conditioning Coach. His background in exercise comes from playing and coaching basketball until an injury sent him in a different direction. When Owen writes a program he tries to challenge the whole body of the clients whilst making sure the movements don’t become repetitive and allow the clients to have fun while working hard. He thinks the results that our clients get at Progressive speak for themselves, he’s just happy to be a part of the fun!



I started with PS on 1st November and signed up to the 6 week skinny jeans challenge. My main goals were to loose at least 6kg’s after having 2 kids both via emergency c-sections I was at my heaviest. I also wanted to get fitter and stronger so I could water ski again. Today I am now 10kg’s lighter but I’ve also lost 51.5cm in body measurements I’m fitter stronger and lighter than I’ve ever been and feel amazing. The nutrition plans combined with Junior’s training are phenomenal and I can highly recommend this to anyone seeking to change their life.


I’m the newbie on the Progressive Strength journey. Personally I was looking for a change to the habits I formed after having children for both nutrition and fitness. I now know that with the support and guidance from the best coach around I will exceed my expectations of a healthier, fitter and happier me. Everything is achievable and with Progressive Strength, I’m on the right path to making my weight loss goals a reality. Thanks


I started training with Junior to focus primarily on improving my gymnastics movements. This was to essentially expand my training regime and strengthen the sport I already compete in. However, I got so much more. I did a 6 week challenge- which tightened up my nutrition, strengthened my body weight movements and empowered me to crave more in GMB. The best part of being at PS? The community, the support and the inner desire to learn more & be better- every time I train.

The support I got from PS when I did shave for a cure this year was overwhelming. I smashed my target of 5 thousand- and raised over 6 thousand – amazing!


After having a pretty average year as far as exercise goes , I joined PS feeling a bit apprehensive. I’m so glad I did the challenge straight up as it really got me motivated & having to present a food diary really helped me stay on track. I have felt really welcome really quickly & feel like I have already made some great friends. I love training with Junior & Owen & I look forward to the new year & the next challenge. Cheers Mel


I started at PS with Junior to improve my strength and movements to help with my Crossfit Training. What I got was so much more. Since starting with Junior over a year ago I am hitting goals I never though possible. I love that you can see your strength improve from one week to the next and through challenges I have being able to tone right up and increase my strength as well as learn how to fuel my body! Junior is an amazing coach and PS is an amazing place



184 New Cleveland Road, Tingalpa QLD 4173

0412 582 449




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