In the ‘Daily Blast’ we will be looking at 5 – 10 minute mini workouts you can every day to set the stage for the day ahead.  Its no secret that doing something in the morning upon waking up whether it be a little circuit like the ones to come or a walk with your dog you feel better, more energised and have more focus to carry you through your day.  These Mini workouts aren’t designed to knock you on your butt or leave you in a pile of sweat in the fetal position on the floor, they are designed with the thought patterning of, something little done often compounds over time into something big!  Lets look at an example; if you do 5 extra pushups a day that equals 35 extra pushups a week and 260 EXTRA pushups a a year which isn’t too bad for something that may have taken you less than 30 seconds to complete. Lets also say you do this 2 x every day, once in the morning and once in the evening, this effectively double how many pushups to 520 extra push ups a year.  Without Further chit chat lets get ‘The Daily Blast’ started!   Daily Blast 1: Crow hold x 30 seconds Pushups or hollow body pushups x 30 seconds Bear Walk (slow straight arm straight leg for mobility or fast for conditioning) x 30 seconds Deep squat hold x 30 seconds Duck walk x 30 seconds Frogger (slow with arm raise for mobility or fast for conditioning) x 30 seconds Front tuck lever holds or static row push aways...
Are Your Fingers & Hands Your Weakest Link?

Are Your Fingers & Hands Your Weakest Link?

Your only as strong as your weakest link, this rings extremely true when it comes to your digits and hands.  We use them every day for pretty much everything we do, to holding our pencil when we write, carrying in the groceries, swinging a sledge hammer, grabbing an opponent with a vice like grip in BJJ, shaking someones hand or simply picking our children up to dish out the warmest cuddle in the world, our hands are the things that make this all possible possible.  Yet, even though we use them every day our hands and our wrists tend to be  underdeveloped compared to the rest of our body, we can see this when hanging from a bar in a chin up position or performing a handstand, generally our grip fails in regards to the chin up and wrists start to ache when talking handstands.                                                       Just like performing certain exercises like rowing and other posterior chain exercises to combat the state of flexion (think sitting or hunching over your computer) our bodies go through on a daily basis I believe its important to also work our digits in much the same way, and in fact, it is extremely therapeutic to not only the fingers, hands and wrists but also the rest of the arm as well. Below I’ve showed off a little and put up some advanced variations such as the planche, HS, L-sit but you don’t need to be able to master these to...



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